An endeavor currently nine plus years in the making, Bakes Brewing Company lives by a simple mindset: brew the best beer possible – period.


I bring my competitive drive and passion to everything I do in life, and it certainly applies to beer. I firmly believe that if you don’t spend every waking moment dedicated to being the best at what you do, there is no point in doing it.


I first discovered what great beer can and should be on an out-of-state brewery trip in 2011, and instantly dove all-in into the world of craft beer, traveling to different breweries across the country, learning everything I could about craft beer. I became incredibly passionate about craft beer, not only the liquid itself, but the culture, space, and experience of each brewery I visited. At the time, I had a well-established career as a CPA in public accounting, but knew I wanted to do more. I wanted to create something I was passionate about and that I could be proud of.


In 2013, with the passing of my grandfather Bob, I decided to commence plans to open my own brewery. I bought a homebrew kit and haven’t looked back, becoming an accomplished home brewer, earning dozens of medals in State, Regional, and National competitions. Currently pilot batching out of my home garage and basement, I draw from my accounting background in taking an extremely calculated, meticulous approach in refining and improving each and every beer brewed.

In addition to home brewing accolades, I also earned my diploma in Brewing Science & Engineering from the American Brewers Guild. I am a Certified Cicerone® and Certified Beer Judge.


Born, raised, and currently residing in Wall Township with my wife, Jessica, and son, Tyler, I take great pride in my hometown and want to bring a great craft beer experience to our community. Bakes Brewing Company is currently planned to move from the garage and open commercially in Wall in the near future.


I eagerly look forward to the day I can share my creations with you.

Jeff Baker (“Bakes”) – Founder

bakes garage




When will the commercial brewery open?


The million-dollar question! As there is a lot that goes into commercial development, especially for a brewery, this is almost impossible to predict. I would hope that we will be open commercially at some point in 2023.


Where will the brewery be located?


I am proud to say I’m in the process of developing the brewery in my hometown of Wall, at 1718 Highway 71, in the West Belmar section of town. See the map below for the exact location!


Will you be canning your beer once open?


Yes, I plan to package beer for off-premise consumption in both crowlers and cans.


Can I buy your beer now?


No. I currently pilot batch out of my home and am not licensed to sell the beer. However, please browse our shop for Bakes merchandise including apparel, glassware, and other gift items.


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